The best eyeliner techniques for every eye shape

To create the perfect eye makeup look, choosing the right eyeshadow for your eye color is key. However, it’s only part of the equation. The next step is flattering your eye shape, and this is where eyeliner plays a major role. Some eye shapes will benefit from a dramatic cat-eye while others, just a subtle flick. Either way, we’ve got the products and the pointers to help you figure it out. Check out the easy-to-follow guide below to make your eyes shine.eyeliner-effects-v10 (1)

Every woman must know how to make the basic winged cat eye eyeliner. It is simply such a beautiful, feminine, flirty look that creates such a strong statement for anyone. A cat eye look can also be achieved by lining your lower lash instead of your lid, this is one of the more complicated things to do in terms of eyeliner and this beauty hack definitely needs a careful study.15874879_1202263626553639_40679693854070632_o

By using two colored liners, you can create a fun look that’s perfect for spring or summer. But if you use darker colors like plums and blues, I’m sure this is something you can pull off for fall and winter as well.

Eyeliners don’t have to be thick all the time, created a defined eye look by running a thin line of eyeliner on your lash line. This eyeliner requires precision. So learn the technique and practice, practice, practice!


A white eyeliner can be used as an eyeshadow base to really make eyeshadow pigments pop on the eye. A creamier consistency also gives the pigment more hold, thereby affecting how it will wear throughout the day.



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My make-up : Lorraine Andrada 


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